GIN – The Spirit of Britain

The British and their Gin have had a long standing relationship, some ups and plenty of downs. But with Gin’s recent modern day revival, the Gin lovers of Britain have never had it so good. The book will take you through Gin’s infamous history, traces through the advertising world of the Gin brands and looks into the healthy side to the botanicals that go into Gin.

Now with hundreds of new Gin brands on the market to choose from, the book has a selection of some of the newer and more iconic British produced Gins to take an in-depth look at, including their tasting notes. Finally, to enjoy your gin throughout the year, a collection of 52 Gin cocktail recipes for you to try when Friday finally comes around.

If you’re just discovering the wonderful world of Gin, this book is the ideal light read whilst sipping your G&T.

Her – Gates of Hell

Vanessa wants nothing more than to blend into the world. Just an average normal British teenager, until fate decides to reveal her true purpose in life.
After waking in hospital Vanessa, not only discovers her parents didn’t survive the car crash, but that she has been in a coma for the last three years.Moving to LA to live with her grandmother, Vanessa now has to restart her life as a twenty-one year old college student, with a body of a woman, but still with the mind of a teenager. She quickly becomes interested in fashion, parties, drinking and of course men.

When she meets the good-looking guy in her English class Vanessa is soon captivated. But is the handsome, cleaver, witty Michael, really all he appears? As Los Angeles starts to reveal a darker side, it becomes rapidly clear that Vanessa’s new life is far from average.